Monday, November 24, 2008

The State of the Black World Was Phenomenal!

Thank you all for your support for and participation in the phenomenal State of the Black World Conference II in New Orleans, LA this past weekend. The leadership institute, the workshops, the speakers, the networking, the artistry, the poetry, the singing, the discussions, the building, the agenda-setting, the solution-providing, the work accomplished, the music, the leadership, the awards, the sharing, the caring, the love . . . it was all there.

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We'll be posting pictures shortly.

We'll be posting information about when the Town Hall Meeting will be aired on C-SPAN shortly; but if you can't wait, CLICK HERE TO SEE some of the video.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to this interview of the younger generation (Davey D, NYOIL, Jasiri X, Paradise Gray and Dr. Goddess) with our elder, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award by the IBW this year.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER the DVD of Minister Louis Farrakhan's Address.

We are now moving to maintain our networks for the Institute of the Black World and continue with the solutions-oriented success of leadership in our communities and beyond.

On behalf of our Convener and President of the Institute of the Black World, Ron Daniels, and the entire Planning Committee, thank you for your support and we forward to continuing to build, lead, learn, grow and love.

I'm Dr. Goddess and we hope you approve our message!

p.s. Obama!

p.p.s. The "Obama Poem" will be made available shortly!

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