Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's the State of YOUR Black World?

Greetings and Peace to all,

It's Dr. Goddess reaching out and I want to know:

What's the State of YOUR Black world?

Here in the United States of North America, we're on the brink of having, literally, the first African American presumptive nominee for President of the United States of America. Barack the Vote, people.

But truth be told and on a much dimmer note, on this date (June 1, 1921), Black folks in Tulsa, Oklahoma were catching it. Because of class jealousy, racial hatred and the absence of law and order, an entire Black community was burned to the ground and hundreds of African Americans and so-called "Black Indians" were robbed of their inheritance. It started, of course, with a false accusation of a Black man raping a white woman.

Dr. Goddess did her dissertation on this topic and it remains close to the heart. Just a blast from the past to help you as you consider the state of your world.

So, tell me, what's the State of YOUR Black world?

I'm peeping the following:

Haiti is getting some assistance from the U.S. in a more official capacity.

I hear Africans in Toronto, Canada are doing their thing in a controversial move towards African-centered education.

Word is that in Bermuda, there's an African Diasporic Conference coming up.

Jamaica just finished their Calabash Festival for writers and I'm so sad that I missed it.

Ghana is preparing for a Pan-African Literary Festival.

Even Africans in China are preparing for the Olympics in Beijing.

So tell me, What's the State of YOUR Black World?

Holla back and I'll see you on November 19 in New Orleans!

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