Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drum Call

State of the Black World Conference II
November 19 - 23, 2008
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Goals and Objectives

Focus national and international attention on New Orleans and the Gulf in support of the right to return of evacuees/displaced persons and their heroic struggle to reclaim and rebuild their homes, neighborhoods and Cities.

· Provide an analysis of the socio-economic and political condition of Africans in America and the world as a basis for prescribing strategies for empowering and reconstructing our communities.

· Identify critical issues and crises affecting people of African descent communities and examine struggles and models which are currently addressing these vital concerns.

· Present models/prototype institutions for Black empowerment that can be utilized to effectively mobilize human and material resources to address current crises and rebuild our communities.

· Enhance IBW’s capacity to function as a Resource, Communications and Information Center to promote research, policy formulation, advocacy, inter-organizational/institutional/agency networking and collaboration, leadership development, training and technical assistance.

· Create and sustain a network of support committees within the U.S. and the Black World to advance the vision, mission and program of IBW as an engine of global empowerment.

· Promote inter-generational dialogue and engagement in the planning of SOBWC II and the follow-up.

· Adopt strategies for self-support resource and fund development to enable IBW to fulfill its mission free of dependence on government, foundation and corporate assistance

Institute of the Black World 21st Century

Mission Statement

The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) seeks to rekindle the historic legacy of scholar-activists, women and men, who founded the original IBW in 1970. In that spirit, through research, policy and advocacy, IBW 21st Century is committed to building the capacity of the Black Community to struggle against racism, sexism and oppression of any form, to work for the social, political, economic and cultural uplift and development of Black America and the Global Black Community and an enhanced quality of life for all oppressed people. IBW is rooted in the values of cooperation, community and mutual respect. It is founded on the principles of self-determination, African humanism and social justice. The struggle for social transformation through the creation of new relationships and institutions is central to our task. The objective of the struggle is to acquire and maintain power, to reconstruct our communities, to build viable and vital nations, to create greater unity among people of African descent and to transform our condition as oppressed people inspired by the vision of a new, non-exploitative social order.

Strategies for Implementation

IBW will implement its mission by working with individuals, organizations, institutions and movements that aspire to transform and reconstruct communities of African descent. The Institute is both catalyst and facilitator as well as analyst and policy maker. Creating networks, facilitating linkages and fostering communications among individuals, between organizations and communities is an essential part of our mission. The Institute does not necessarily seek to implement projects alone, rather to provide access to information and resources which allow local groups to initiate projects and build linkages with others doing similar work. Strategic partnerships and local support committees will also be vehicles for collaborative implementation of IBW projects and Initiatives.

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